Friday, May 08, 2009

Gluten-free Goes Mainstream!

My daughter has frequently said to her friends that the day you can walk into a Starbucks and find a gluten-free goodie, gluten awareness will have reached a good level.
Well I’m not convinced that gluten awareness is anywhere near where it needs to be but Starbucks has come through in supporting the cause.
This week Starbucks released its Valencia Orange Cake and gluten-free consumers everywhere let out a cheer. I would have been thrilled with anything gluten-free they produced purely on principle, but the fact that it’s delicious, not made from any grains (they use almond flour) and the sugar content is moderate, makes it all that much better.
I’m not a fan of coffee for my patients but do go into your local Starbucks and purchase a cake…and some nice green tea!

To your good health!

Dr Vikki Petersen
Founder of HealthNOW Medical Center
Author of The Gluten Effect


H.Peter said...

Lucky USA.
Starbucks Canada is not offering this gluten free cake. So we had to make our own:

NFCA said...

Though awareness hasn't reached it's goal, I'd agree that GF foods showing up in places like starbucks and major name brands such as General Mill's offering GF choices is a sign that the voice of the GF community is being heard. I posted a review of this product on the NFCA's hot products blog .

Peggy said...

I've tried them - twice this week - they are great! The label says they are made with all natural ingredients. Online it doesn't list it but the packaging says it has rice flour.

Peggy said...

They are great - I've had 2 this week! Online it doesn't list it in the ingredients, but on the package it says they are made with all natural ingredients and rice flour.