Thursday, May 21, 2009

Draeger’s Gluten-free Extravaganza

Drs Vikki and Rick Petersen were invited to the Draeger’s store in Danville, CA for their Gluten-free Extravaganza. There were many gluten-free food vendors enticing participants with their delicious treats and Drs Petersen were answering questions from an eager crowd regarding treatment and diagnosis of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.

The Gluten Effect by Drs Vikki and Rick was prominently displayed and a book signing occurred as part of the event. Draeger’s is now carrying The Gluten Effect in their stores as they are very committed to educating the community about the dangers associated with undiagnosed gluten sensitivity and celiac disease.

Draeger’s is a family-owned store and truly a delight to visit. Drs Petersen had the opportunity to meet several members of the family and were very impressed with their commitment to the gluten-free needs of the community. They have a large array of gluten-free offerings.

Support this local family-owned store and encourage them to keep thinking “gluten-free”!

To your Good Health

Dr Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN
Founder of HealthNOW Medical Center
Co-author of The Gluten Effect: How “Innocent” Wheat is Ruining Your Health

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