Friday, June 26, 2009

Gluten–Free Diet – Avoiding “Obvious Gluten”

A reader brought up a very good point the other day. She mentioned that her health problems completely resolved once she removed gluten from her diet 100%.

As so many of us do once our own health improves, she talked about her success to others. She became frustrated when friends commented that when they did a trial of eliminating “obvious gluten” from their diet, they didn’t really see an improvement in their symptoms.

And no wonder! Considering we now know that cheating with a miniscule amount of gluten once per month is enough to increase one’s risk of death by 600% for all causes of mortality, it’s little wonder that those half hearted attempts didn’t result in success.

The bottom line is this: when doing a trial of a gluten-free diet it must be done for a minimum of 1 month and it must be a complete removal of gluten. Feel free to direct friends to my website: where we list not only the gluten containing grains but the common “hidden” sources of gluten as well.

And remember, no one has ever found anything remotely dangerous about trying a gluten-free diet. There are no particular nutrients that one will become deficient in via this route. So giving it a try is only putting your symptoms at risk – the risk of them going away!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, my belief is that less than twenty per cent of celiacs have remoced the final trace amounts of gluten from their diet.

Ten days ago I wrote to you because my GI thought I wa in a auto-immune Crohn's flare and I felt bad. I am ultra careful but then found some candy that I know to be gluten free was not coming from England but Spain and no longer was gluten free. Cut it out and four days later my digestion and energy was back to normal.

Yesterday, despite the inumerable times I've told them, the builders once again sanded plaster and did not seal correctly. My house is covered in a fine layer of dust. I felt it in my mouth the moment I walked in. This morning mild celiac symptoms. (As did my seven year old son - a bellweather as to whther it is celiac or something else is whether we both react at exactly the same time).

I think people don't ealize just how gluten free you have to be - and it took me much research to confirm the presence of wheat as a binder in many plasters. (Not added directly, it's just part of the binding mixture). As I sit here
my sinuses are blocking and I am looking at a fine layer of dust. It'll be a week or more before most of it's gone - and goodness knows how long till it is off every kitchen utensil and pan!

Still, life is good.