Monday, March 18, 2013

Are Other Countries ‘Better Off’ When it Comes to Gluten?

The grass often seems greener on the other side of the fence, but in this case I think it’s no exaggeration when referring to ‘Down Under’. I don’t cite this example to depress anyone, but rather to empower you and all of us who are gluten intolerant to continue to fight, to continue to push and to continue to enlighten and educate.

Here’s the story:

About 12 years ago, a patient traveled to Australia on her honeymoon. She arrived at the hotel after a very long flight from California and was hungry. She called room service and when the very kind voice at the other end of the phone asked her “What would you like to eat” she responded, albeit a bit crankily, “What I would like and what you can give me are two different things. I’d really love a sandwich but I am gluten intolerant.” To which the lovely voice replied, “Would you like your gluten–free bread with raisins or without.”

Needless to say my patient was very happy during her stay in Australia. Apparently there was a delicious bakery across the street that baked the bread and several other goodies. When she returned home to California, however, her comment to me was: “We live in the wrong country!” Twelve years ago there was ‘slim pickings’ when it came to bread and I too was impressed with her Australian experience.

Fast forward to present time and I just heard from a family who had recently moved to Australia (near Perth). They happily reported that eating gluten-free is truly a ‘breeze’ in Australia. Apparently regular grocery stores have a lot to offer and better yet, they have found the school system and day-care facilities to be extremely understanding and supportive of their gluten-free diet.

So, once again, I don’t write this to be depressing, but rather to show that it is well worth it to keep being vigilant and continue to share how important it is to have gluten-free options for all those who need it, while educating broadly so that those suffering with gluten intolerance can receive a diagnosis.

It starts small but it will grow. Work with your schools, work with your day care, work with your company’s cafeteria. If you need help, let me know. That’s why I’m here.

Vow to speak to one person or one organization each day about gluten. Even if it’s just for a minute or two, all those small conversations can add up to big change!

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