Friday, June 14, 2013

Migraine Awareness Month – Is there a Gluten Link?

There are several diseases and conditions for which the medical profession in our country states there is no cure. IBS, eczema, depression and migraines are just some of those conditions. It’s frustrating enough to be plagued with one of these problems, but to be told there’s no cure and the best that can be done is taking a dangerous drug from the rest of your life, would truly make anyone depressed.
Since June is National Migraine Awareness Month, I thought that we'd share the success rate we have with migraines here at HealthNOW.
Over the two decades we've been treating patients with headaches and migraines, we have been delighted at the excellent results we achieve regardless of the severity and duration of the problem. We have vastly improved and eliminated many migraines that have been completely debilitating.
What's our secret? One thing it isn't is a pill. Drugs given for migraines can alleviate the pain but they are not a cure and they never resolve the underlying reason that the headaches have occurred.
We find that migraines tend to be multifactorial, meaning they have at their root cause more than one factor. The most common contributing factors, that once resolved, lead to successful migraine eradication are as follows:
1. A structural or neurological component that affects the nerves in the neck or head. This can occur from pinched nerves in the neck, head or TMJ (jaw). Whether it is due to an injury or just the build-up of minor life stress, we consider it mandatory that any migraine sufferer be evaluated for nerve irritation. Missing this can result in unsuccessful treatment.
2. Food sensitivities - whether it's gluten, dairy, MSG or some other food, we almost always find that a food is contributing to the condition. Gluten and dairy are definitely at the top of the list because they have known associations with nerve irritation.
The difficulty in determining what food is the culprit lies in the misunderstanding of how a food reacts with the nervous system. Patients, and doctors for that matter, often assume that a  migraine precipitated by eating a certain food would occur within an hour or so of ingesting the food in question. The facts are that when it comes to food sensitivities such as gluten and dairy,  it can be many hours or days after eating the food before a migraine is triggered.
Obviously this makes it difficult to determine the cause. But not impossible, of course, as this is one of the major issues we find affecting migraine sufferers. We prefer to do a lab test to rule out celiac disease or gluten sensitivity first, and then we follow-up with a 30 day elimination of both gluten and dairy products.
3. Hormonal imbalance - some women get migraines around there menstrual cycle (typically due to insufficient progesterone). These migraines are triggered at the time of the month when the sex hormones naturally fall, but in women with migraines the fall is too steep and the result is a migraine. Normalization of these hormone levels is not difficult and we see outstanding success in those women willing to make some lifestyle changes.
Hormonal imbalance can also originate from the adrenal glands, the stress glands, which can also precipitate migraines when malfunctioning. The good news is that the program to normalize the adrenal glands is a completely natural one, no drugs are needed.
These are the top causes I have seen time and time again that should be addressed when dealing with migraines. The success rate when these are normalized is quite high.
Some of the ‘classic’ migraine triggers mentioned in the literature such as weather changes, aged cheeses, bright light or loud sounds, we find, can be acting as an exacerbator, but are less the true cause than what we mention above.
Migraines are miserable. I personally suffered with them for over a decade. I was told at the time that I had them because my mother had them. Well, once we both removed gluten from our diets and got some great chiropractic care, guess what? Neither one of us ever had another migraine. My mother had been suffering for well over 4 decades by that time.
If you know of someone suffering with migraines, please alert them to this data. We are more than happy to offer them a free health analysis to determine if we can help. Our destination clinic treats patients from across the country and internationally. So you don’t need to live locally to receive assistance.

There is always a reason the body is giving symptoms. Migraines are awful. Find out the real reason your body is creating them and rid yourself of the misery!

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To your good health,
Dr Vikki Petersen, DC, CCN, CFMP

IFM Certified Practitioner

Founder of Root Cause Medical Clinic
Co-author of “The Gluten Effect”

Author of the eBook: “Gluten Intolerance – What You Don’t Know May Be Killing You!”


Sorbeo said...

Great write-up on the potential link between gluten and migraines. Of course, for people suffering from a food sensitivity, cutting gluten out of one's diet can help.

But sometimes, some people have already experienced long-term damage to their digestive tracts. In cases like that, a digestive enzyme can help alleviate some of the symptoms-- including migraines-- that food sensitivity-prone people face.

We cover this on our blog at our own web site:

Migraine Home Remedies said...

As said there is both environmental and food factors.

Indigestion could trigger migraine. Bad foods such as fried foods, oil foods could lead to headache. Stress, tension and fatigue could also lead to headache.

Ginkgo and feverfew are excellent herbs to cure migraine. However pregnant women should not take these herbs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these insights Vikki, I have been suffering with menstral migraines for 20 years now and I've seen a migraine specialist that tried a few things but now he has no other suggestions. I tried the Nuvaring to regulate my hormones and that never worked. I tried Mint Topiramate and that was a big mistake. Not sure if gluten/dairy free would make sense as I live in Canada and we ban growth hormones in milk. Frova works ok but I wish I could regulate my estrogen without birth control and in a much more effective way. What do you suggest?

The HealthNOW Doctors said...

@ Anonymous in Canada,
While it's great that Canada has banned growth hormones in milk, that doesn't mean that milk itself is good for you. It is the milk of a mother for her offspring and much research supports that humans aren't designed for cow's milk consumption.
I actually have a book coming out on the topic, so I have much to say on the subject!
With that said, I would be happy to help you w/ your migraines especially because we have excellent success in that category.
Consider contacting us for a free health analysis over the phone - call 408-733-0400. We are a destination clinic and treat patients from across the country and internationally. We are here to help!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Vikki Petersen