Friday, November 14, 2008

Foods Posing the Biggest Hidden Dangers to the Gluten Sensitive

Now that you know you’re sensitive to gluten you’re very carefully avoiding all the wheat bread, bagels, cookies and cakes. You’ve stopped eating oatmeal for breakfast (you know about the contamination of oats) and you watch those protein bars for all signs of glutinous grains. You’re aware that fried chicken and breaded anything is also a problem and you’ve realized the hidden danger of sauces and things like meat loaf.

So where might you get tripped up? The biggest problem we run into with patients is with certain ethnic foods that cook with soy sauce. It’s just not “obvious” that soy sauce has wheat in it. When you cook at home you can definitely enjoy cooking with wheat-free soy sauce (usually known as Tamari) but Chinese and Japanese food very often contains soy sauce and if the sauce is brown you probably just got a nice hit from gluten.

The cautionary tale here is keep learning about food and how it’s prepared. As someone who enjoys cooking I know how many things are prepared so I rarely get fooled.

It you’re sensitive to gluten ANY is too much – way too much!

I hope this helps!

To your good health,

Dr Vikki Petersen

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Anne said...

Staying away from gluten is not easy. There was a recent 2 part article in the Chicago Tribune by Sam Roe about hidden allergens in food. The Chicago Tribune had an independent lab test Willshire products from Whole Foods tested for gluten. Although they were clearly marked gluten free, they tested very high in gluten. One large problem is there is no definition of gluten free in the US.

The Gluten Free Certification Organization certifies products and facilities to <10ppm. I rarely buy processed foods, but I am more likely to buy something that has been certified by this organization.