Thursday, January 05, 2017

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Happy New Year, friends!

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Anonymous said...

My age is 59 ys.
the results of test anti-gliadin is
anti-tissuetransglutaminase Abs:8.8 IU/ml
normal <12
equivocal 12-18
positive >18
Anti-gliadin Abs 17.8 IU/ml
normal <12
equivocal 12-18
positive >18
what do the results indicate?
thank you

The HealthNOW Doctors said...

@Anonymous: The anti-gliadin antibodies are considered positive when they're in the equivocal range. Of course I would need to know some more about your health history, symptoms, etc, to make sure the results add up to your health profile, but at 17.8 it's suspicious of gluten sensitivity.

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